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Unique honeymoon ideas: How to plan a luxury glamping staycation

Guest Blog by Boutique Camping. If you’re looking for honeymoon inspiration, Hannah Rose-Wynter from Boutique Camping gives us the lowdown on planning your very own luxury glamping holiday right here in the UK.

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You’ve just celebrated your special day (and maybe just recovered from the champagne reception) and now you’re looking forward to the next exciting event in your wedding calendar: the honeymoon! While some choose to go abroad for their honeymoon, many outdoorsy, adventure-seeking couples prefer to keep it local and enjoy a post-wedding break here in the UK. Not only can this keep travel costs to a minimum after funding a wedding, but planning a staycation also allows you to experience a whole lot more of what our country has to offer.

Especially if you’re looking for something a little more unique, glamping is an excellent way to get off the grid and experience our iconic British countryside — while still prioritising luxury and comfort. So, read on to find out how you can plan a special, nature-inspired honeymoon that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Find the perfect tent

The key to elevating your camping experience is making sure you find a tent with plenty of internal space, high-quality materials to insulate and protect you from the elements, and luxury design features that will transform your camp life from basic and traditional to boutique and modern. Canvas or cotton bell tents can be an excellent choice all year round, because they’re breathable but also protect from water, mould, and mildew. However, polyester tents are often most convenient for short stays, as they are generally lighter and more affordable.

Bell tents also feel incredibly spacious, and their design means that they’re tall enough for most people to stand up in. This means that rather than hunching over while you get settled for the night or search for camping gear, you’ll enjoy a roomy tent interior where you can both eat, sleep, and relax with ease. This also makes them a great choice for changeable weather, as you can simply move your chair and tables indoors during a rain shower, without compromising on comfort or cutting your evening drink or morning coffee short. A two-person (or 3-metre) bell tent should be large enough for the two of you, but as the central pole design will only accommodate two single mattresses, why not opt for something a little larger? For instance, a 4-metre tent can comfortably fit a double mattress and allow space for luggage and lounging too.

Pick your location

The destination for your trip is totally up to you, and this is one of the main benefits of glamping: satisfying your wanderlust! The best thing about having complete control over where you pitch your tent also means that you can truly personalise your honeymoon and do what makes you both happiest. For example, if you and your partner have a shared love of music, you may want to spend your honeymoon letting off some steam and dancing into the small hours at one of the UK’s many music festivals. This way, you can combine the fun and spontaneity of a festival with the luxury feel of glamping in a spacious boutique tent.

However, after the whirlwind of planning and throwing a wedding, you may also be craving something a little more relaxing, allowing you to switch off and get away from it all. This is where you can get creative and research beautiful, remote areas of woodland, coast, or countryside that you’d like to visit. This way you can spend time with your new husband or wife in the great outdoors, and enjoy a bespoke staycation that still gives you the five-star treatment. Websites such as Pitchup, Hipcamp, and Camping in the Forest are great resources for helping you get started on picking a stunning glamping destination.

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Elevate with home comforts

What really differentiates glamping from camping is creating a home away from home with some luxury additions and accessories. It’s important to be prepared on any outdoor adventure, but even more so when you’re heading out on your honeymoon. The last thing you want is to find yourself short on food, lights, bedding, or cooking equipment, so make sure that everything is packed and ready to go far in advance, so all you need to think about is enjoying yourself and making lifelong memories with your partner.

Well before you plan to travel, sit down together and make a list of all the things you’ll need to have a comfortable, luxurious stay in your glamping tent. This will of course differ depending on what you have planned, so remember to prioritise clothing or equipment for any outdoor activities on your itinerary like hiking, yoga, or water sports. However, as well as camping essentials like personal toiletries, spare tent poles and pegs, and wood or gas for your stove, a list of glamping home comforts could include:

  • Air mattresses and hand/electric pumps, self-inflating mattresses, or roll-up beds

  • Bedding: duvets, sheets, pillows, and blankets

  • Tables and chairs

  • Rugs and floor matting

  • Overhead lighting, handheld lamps, and fairy lights

  • Woodburning stove

Plan glamping activities

Once you’ve packed some home comforts and found a stunning spot for your staycation, it’s time to think about some fun activities that will help you make lasting memories on your honeymoon. This is an excellent opportunity to spend relaxing, quality time with your partner after planning a wedding and socialising with friends and family, so a few simple activities can be all you need.

While you most likely have plans in the great outdoors, it’s also wise to plan some back-up activities that you can enjoy inside the tent or at facilities in the local area. Researching things like indoor games, restaurants, bars, cinemas, and spas can be a lifesaver if you’re expecting unpredictable weather.

Al fresco dining

You don’t need a fancy restaurant to enjoy dinner under the stars! With a woodburning stove or even a compact pizza oven designed for camping, you can sweep your partner off their feet all over again by making them a candlelit dinner al fresco. You can then sit back with some comfortable chairs, blankets, and a basket of firewood, and enjoy a glass of wine together. If you’re lucky enough to get a clear sky, you can even spend the night stargazing and spotting your favourite constellations.

Wild swimming

If you and your partner have an adventurous streak, you may choose to plan your staycation around some of Britain’s top wild swimming spots. This way you can start the day with a hearty breakfast in your tent and head off early for a day’s swimming, paddleboarding, or surfing in the local area. Then you can warm up by the fire in the evening, ready to do it all again tomorrow!


Satisfy your wanderlust and top off the happiest day of your life with a unique, nature-inspired

glamping honeymoon. For even more top tips and advice for your special day, check out the rest of the articles here on the blog.

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