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Wedding trends and tablescaping predictions for 2024

Guest Blog written by Burleigh Pottery.

We’ve seen a number of popular wedding trends take centre stage over the past few years, from the soaring popularity of micro weddings to cosy and intimate sweetheart tables for the happy couple. As we step into 2024, the world of weddings is evolving even further, with couples embracing new and exciting trends and reimagining the art of tablescaping.

So, what exactly are the latest nuptial trends, and how can brides and grooms emulate them in their own ceremonies and wedding tablescapes? The tableware experts from Burleigh Pottery are here to share their wedding and tablescaping trend predictions for 2024 to give you the inspiration you need ahead of the big day.

Vintage Vibes

Nostalgia takes centre stage in 2024 as couples embrace the charm of vintage and retro styles for their weddings. The 70s in particular is likely to be a popular vintage era those getting wed will take inspiration from. Pinterest Predicts 2024 has found searches for “70s bride” on the platform are up by 50%, while Hitched’s 2024 Wedding Trends Report has also reported an increase of searches for “70s weddings”, as well as a surge in popularity for “retro wedding hairstyles”.

In terms of how this will impact wedding tablescapes, we will likely see 70’s-inspired colour palettes take centre stage, with a heavy emphasis on green shades, as well as orange and brown hues. For example, we may see an increase in green vintage patterned tableware, burnt orange table accents, and brown table linen. The early 70s was also characterised by a bohemian look, with hippie style fashion and interior still prevalent from the Swinging Sixties. For 70s-inspired wedding tables, this could mean less formal and more eclectic tablescapes, such as having different wildflower gardens on each table or opting for natural table runners made with real greenery.


What better trend for a wedding than this one? Love is in the air, and 2024 is the year of heightened romanticism. We can see inspiration for this trend from many different sources, from the increase in popularity of bows in fashion, as anticipated by Pinterest Predicts, to Pantone’s soft and subtle colour of the year, Peach Fuzz.

Gentle hues, delicate florals, and dreamy atmospheres define this trend, creating weddings that feel like a fairytale come to life. The trend also lends itself perfectly to wedding tablescapes. Pink tableware and table linen can add a touch of romantic beauty to the table, while floral displays in romantic hues of lilac, peach, pink, red, and white can complete the look. Ethereal fabrics used as table linen and flickering candles can make the table feel like it’s straight out of a fairytale.

Sustainable Ceremonies

In an era of environmental consciousness, sustainable ceremonies are gaining momentum in 2024. According to an ONS survey, the majority of adults in the UK are making lifestyle changes for environmental reasons, and this will likely have some impact on the way people tie the knot. There are various ways brides and grooms are making sustainability a part of their wedding days, from opting for invitations made of recycled materials to going second-hand for their wedding looks.

For wedding tablescapes, this may lead to an increase in the use of natural garlands made with forage greenery rather than artificial alternatives. We might also see reusable décor, and environmentally-friendly wedding favours, such as seeds for guests to grow or natural soy wax candles. For smaller weddings with just closest friends and family, the happy couple may be able to go even further, such as by making wedding favours, displaying bouquets in their own vases or jugs, or using their own tableware. Couples who want to use their own tableware but don’t have enough for the wedding meal could even ask a loved one for some as an early wedding present, making use of it on the big day and beyond.


Maximalism was a significant trend in a number of areas in 2023, from fashion to interiors, and we’re likely to see this trend become even more prominent in weddings this year. This movement is all about bold statements, contrasting colours, extravagant and eclectic designs, and opulent tablescapes. This is the perfect trend for couples who want to go all out with their wedding décor to create a wedding that none of their guests will forget.

Couples can embrace this more-is-more philosophy in a variety of ways when it comes to setting up a tablescape. This could be in the form of lavish and extravagant floral displays, with rich textures and vibrant colours. Spouses-to-be can also mix things up with patterns, such as having both patterned tableware and table linen, or even layering different patterns of tableware. Maximalist weddings can be a fusion of styles, allowing couples to mix trends they love, such as bohemian and traditional, or rustic and eclectic.

"Couples tying the knot in 2024 have plenty of up-and-coming trends to take inspiration from, so spouses-to-be will no doubt be brimming with ideas for the big day. The great thing about these 2024 wedding trends is that there is something for everyone, from vintage lovers looking for a retro-style wedding to those looking for a more traditional option with the emergence of romanticism.
"While these trends can be useful for getting ideas, the most important thing for any couple is planning a wedding day that they will love and look back on fondly in the years ahead. Take inspiration from these 2024 trends, but ensure you incorporate factors that you both love, even if they aren’t in fashion this year, to make your big day special for you both.
“And for those of you looking to have a sustainable big day in 2024, try to incorporate elements into the event you can reuse, such as tableware. Not only is this environmentally conscious, but the pieces can become a great practical memento of your big day.”
Amy Harvey from Burleigh Pottery

Burleigh Pottery have been handcrafting high-quality ceramics in England for over 170 years. Recognised for their dedication to fine craftsmanship and traditional manufacturing, they are the last pottery in the world to use the traditional and timeless skill of underglaze tissue printing. The business moved to Middleport Pottery by the Trent and Mersey Canal in 1889 and have been there ever since. For more information, please visit


What do you think, do you agree with these trend predictions? For even more top tips and advice for your special day, check out the rest of the blog here.


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