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Hello! My name is Dheyna, and I am a wedding planner.


I am very lucky to live in the Cotswolds with my family, and I'm a country bumpkin at heart. I have three cats, and would love to add some dogs to the family soon! I enjoy baking and always prefer sweet to savoury - give me chocolate any day.  

The name 'Smitten' came from quite cheesy beginnings... When I first met my partner I always said to friends and family that I just felt smitten with him, and I still do. This deep, mushy feeling of joy is what I want to bring to you - you'll have that smitten feeling throughout your wedding day.

As your wedding planner, I'll help you create your dream wedding vision and see it into reality. I want to help you have your best wedding day - love and happiness is what drives me. I'm an old romantic like that! What better job than putting smiles on people's faces; it makes it worth all the hours! Learn more about what I can do for you here.

Covering the stunning Cotswolds and surrounding areas in the West Midlands / South West England, I use the great outdoors as my inspiration for wedding décor. There is something magical about being at one with nature; looking up at a night sky, or walking in a serene forest can fill you with joy and wonderment - this is what you'll be feeling on your wedding day!

You are in control of your wedding, and you will make all the final decisions! My role is to guide you and make sure the planning process is stress-free and enjoyable, while also keeping you on budget and helping you be money savvy.

You will be as smitten with your wedding day, as you are with each other - that's why it's in the name.

Find out more about my wedding planning services and pricing here. I look forward to working with you!

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