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About Dheyna (she/her)


Hello, it's so nice to meet you!

I'm a country bumpkin at heart, and love living in the countryside despite having terrible hay fever. I have two cats and a dog who often like to join me on my Zoom calls... I enjoy trying new cuisines, fine-dining, travelling, and having memorable experiences. I also have a majorly sweet tooth, so I often enjoy baking for my family and am a bit of a chocoholic.

I'm a very detail-oriented person and have always loved making lists and spreadsheets to track how I'm getting on with things. As my family would say, I like things "just so" - organised, and as efficient as possible.

These elements of my personal life all contribute to my work ethic, and influences the creativity and planning experience that I offer my couples. 


My Approach

If I had to summarise my style, I would say: plentiful florals, delicious food, and memories to last a lifetime. I'm happily drawn to working on weddings of all styles, colours, and themes but these core elements of my design approach naturally come through.

Working mainly in the stunning Cotswolds and South West England, I often use the great outdoors as my inspiration for wedding styling. There is something magical about being with nature and I like to share this feeling with my couples. I am all about evoking emotion, reflecting your relationship, and making your wedding an amazing experience for everyone.

As your wedding planner, I ensure that your wedding captures your unique personalities. I enjoy getting to know my couples well - we do tend to spend a lot of time together after all! By the time the wedding comes around, I will be a trusted, friendly face in the crowd, running things in the background so you can enjoy your special moment.

Work with me and you'll be as smitten with your wedding day as you are with each other - that's why it's in the name!

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