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Tips for picking the perfect wedding party

Guest Blog by Write From the Heart. There are so many things to plan for your special day, but your wedding party is crucial. Here, keepsakes brand Write From The Heart show you how to plan the perfect wedding party.

The people you include in your wedding party are a large aspect of your big day, and can have a huge impact on your enjoyment of the event. And with everything else to consider — the venue, guest list, and outfits — organising your wedding party can feel somewhat overwhelming.

So, here we’ve brought together some tips on how to design your perfect wedding party, whether you’re choosing groomsmen, bridesmaids or anyone else you want to share your special day with. Read on to find out how to do everything from deciding on who to include, to how to ask people to be a part of your wedding party.

Fit the wedding party to the venue

If you are planning to have a large wedding at a venue with capacity for lots of people, you’ll be able to expand your wedding party as the space can accommodate it. However, if you are envisaging a small, select wedding with your nearest and dearest, then you’ll need to take that into account and choose fewer people for your wedding party. It’s easy to get enthusiastic when listing who you want to ask to be a part of the ceremony, but make sure that you ascertain what the right number for you is first. After this, you can then consider who you’ll want to include on the big day.

Consider who has time to help out

Many people think that being in someone’s wedding party just consists of having a special outfit and seat at the event, but it’s important to remember that it is actually a lot of work too. From planning a hen, stag or combined event before the wedding to celebrate, to potentially making a speech, and helping the bride or groom with their outfits, there is plenty to do in the run-up to the wedding itself.

So, keep this in mind and invite those who have time to be a part of your inner circle. While there may be plenty of people who are close to you, not everyone will have time to help you with the organisational elements and support you’ll need both before and during the event. It’s also wise to pick people who you know will be reliable, as this is a key component of being a great member of someone’s wedding party, and will avoid a lot of stress before the special day.

Think about people’s budgets

It’s important to remember that being a part of someone’s wedding party, while a beautiful

experience, can also be quite expensive. When transport, outfits, and accommodation costs are all added up it can be a financial commitment, even without including a wedding gift or donation to charity. So it’s worth discussing any financial aspects with the people you’re considering including, if you know them ahead of time.

If you are planning to pay for some things yourself — such as the accommodation costs or your party’s outfits — then let people know. And if you are aware that one of your loved ones might not be able to make such a big financial commitment at the time you’re getting married, try to offer alternative ways that they can be included or help out.

Be diplomatic in your choice

Part of the difficulty of organising a wedding is having to cater to a wide range of people, and

consider their needs and wants about being invited and included. This is no different with your wedding party, and it’s useful to take some time to discuss these decisions with your partner before you talk to any of your potential wedding party members or other guests.

It might be that keeping your wedding party extremely small — such as only having two people in each partner’s wedding party — is the best way of keeping everything diplomatic and avoiding people getting upset that they haven’t been included. Your family and friends will of course be enthusiastic about helping out at your event and being a part of it, so it’s understandable that they might be upset if someone else is invited into your party and they aren’t. Just do what feels right for you and your partner, and remain as diplomatic with everyone as possible..

Find a unique way to ask people

When asking people to be part of your wedding party, try to find a fun and unique way of

approaching the question. They’ll be sure to say yes, especially if you’ve already considered

everything above, so now is the time to enjoy the celebration! You can personalise the occasion with keepsakes, and invites to the wedding party printed with the person’s name; great options include personalised photo blocks of special moments in your friendship, or personalised cards inviting people to be in your wedding party.

Adding a keepsake to this important moment will give both of you something to remember it by in the years to come. Pick a good time to ask people to be in your wedding party too, such as over a catch-up cuppa, or a fun trip; choose what is right for your relationship, and enjoy the moment.


Use these tips to make a start on building your perfect wedding party, and enjoy sharing the run-up to your special day with all of the people closest to you. This important time in your life can be stressful with how many things there are to plan, but with the right people around you, it will be much more enjoyable.

Planning your perfect wedding can seem overwhelming; get in touch with Smitten Weddings to discuss their services and see how they can help you.


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