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Feature: Top Tips from a Makeup Artist

Guest blog by Maddy @ Wedding Paint


Hi there Smitten followers x

My name is Maddy and I run I’m a Professional Makeup Artist with over 25yrs experience. Weddings are my bag, but with this much experience I also love teaching and working one to one with a client.

As we are on the subject of weddings. I have a trillion pieces of advice, but there are two pieces I’m going to impart. Are you prepared....?

First off - Organisation and delegation is key.

Planning a wedding for most is an unknown, so get yourself a lovely and inspiring notepad. These days all suppliers are a "priority" when it comes to bookings - there is no timeline. We all get booked up, especially the smaller vendors. Your suppliers are there to spark excitement and calm the nerves. Trawl the net, look at venues suppliers lists, and ask others who have got married for recommendations. Talking to suppliers is the key to getting a feel for them; their knowledge and advice means a lot to them. The more a supplier can impart their experience and wisdom the better! Finding the right supplier shouldn’t be led by a number - it should be about their experience, quality of work, their passion and drive to make your day perfect.

Secondly - What to expect once you’ve found the perfect supplier for your day.

You should expect open communication,

professionalism and friendliness. For instance - as a Makeup Artist, I impart wisdom and knowledge with ongoing advice and organisation. I’m always open to as much questioning as you want. I would happily help your day run as smoothly as possible, with my advice and calmness. I, like all makeup artists, ask for a consultation about 2 or 3 months before the big day. This gives you (the client) even more trust and faith in our services. Pricing is usually based on how we run our businesses and how long we’ve been in the industry. Do we do this full or part time. For me, my pricing is based on being reasonable and my very long length of time in the industry xx


If you’d like to chat to Maddy more about your wedding makeup, then you can get in touch via her website or you can find her on Instagram and Facebook.


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