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Bespoke poetry for your wedding day


Veil and Verse creates bespoke poetry for weddings and other special occasions, from witty ceremony poems to personalise favour rhymes for each individual guest. The goal is to provide you with a timeless and unique piece of poetry that you can treasure forever, long after your wedding day. Rachel, the owner of Veil and Verse has been a writer for several years, but it was through her own wedding planning experience that her business was born.

Why I Started Veil and Verse

I started Veil and Verse whilst planning my own wedding; I scrolled through countless poems on Google for an entire Sunday afternoon and found nothing that was personal to me and my fiance. At the time, my baby daughter Willow was three months old and she was cooing away happily in her chair. It suddenly struck me that I could write a poem about her for our wedding; it seemed so much more personal to us. My bespoke poem was a hit with family and friends, so Veil and Verse quickly became my new baby!

The Brilliance of Bespoke Wedding Poetry

My business is unique from many other wedding suppliers you come across. It is not something that springs to mind when you’re planning your big day, but it is actually pretty important! If you choose one of our wedding ceremony poems, you will have a keepsake to hold onto forever and nobody else will ever be able to replicate it.

Veil and Verse is special as every single poem we create is completely tailored to the client. If you’re a fun loving couple, a romantic duo or a best man looking to inject some humour into his speech, we can create this for you with no problem at all. Our service is friendly, upbeat and very personal, so you will feel at ease discussing your ideas with us.

My Top Tips

If you’re not ready to invest in a piece of bespoke poetry from Veil and Verse just yet, why not try and write your own? You don’t have to be a professional writer to create rhyming magic on your wedding day. Follow these six simple steps and you may be able to create your own piece of personalised poetry:

1. Decide on the type of poem you want to write: Will it be for your ceremony? Are you giving it as a gift to the happy couple? Are you making a speech? Do you want to write your own rhyming vows? Do you want to write a personalised poem for your wedding favours? Once you have pinpointed your type, you can start to put your ideas into action.

2. Choose your mood: Do you want to inspire your guests? Do you want to make them cry? Are you looking to bring some humour to your big day? Do you want to create a romantic piece? Knowing the overall mood of your poem will help you get started.

3. Know the length of your poem before you begin: An 8 line poem is perfect for a wedding invitation or save the date, whereas a 24, 36, or 48 line poem is more appropriate when being read aloud. Knowing how long you want it to be will make it much easier to structure.

4. Write down the facts: Depending on the length of the poem you want to write, you will need to put together a few facts, such as: What are some characteristics of the subject of your piece? Do they have any funny habits? Any great anecdotes to share? How did the happy couple meet? What’s special about their wedding day? What are their favourite hobbies, talents, foods, movies, etc? Create a portrait of the people you are writing about and go into as much detail as you want to!

5. Plan out your poem: Organise your facts into a cohesive list, so that is tells a chronological story. You can do this by listing them in bullet points or grouping facts together that make sense side by side.

6. Get creative and use your imagination: Now it is time to write your poem by using clever rhyming couplets, true facts and witty anecdotes. Start to write the piece as if you’re introducing the person or people. Be as imaginative and creative as you can and don’t worry about making every single word rhyme. You can edit your final piece as much as you like. You just need to get some words onto paper and you will be on a roll!

Hopefully this will help you to create your own piece of personalised wedding poetry. At Veil and Verse we are super passionate about getting our clients involved in the process, so if you have any questions or you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Find Out More Here

Like many brides right now, you’re probably interested in finding out how you can start the process of incorporating personalised poetry into your wedding day. You can discover more about Veil and Verse bespoke wedding poetry at and you can email any questions to When you subscribe to their website you will receive an exclusive discount for your first order. In addition, make sure you follow them on Instagram @VeilandVerse for daily rhymes, motivation, wedding planning tips, giveaways and so much more!


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