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So you're engaged... Now what?

The dust has (just about) settled after the big proposal, and you've started dreaming about what your wedding day could look like, but now thoughts creep in about the reality of planning... Where do you even start? Fear not, I've got you covered with these three top tips!

Wedding planner walks with bride and groom, holding the wedding dress
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Tip 1 - Set your budget

I know. It's not very exciting. But it's vital you and your partner discuss what you're happy to spend on your wedding day and what you can both afford. Your budget will influence many choices along the way so make sure you take the time to get this figure right (and then stick to it as much as possible!). You can even go a step further and allocate chunks of your budget to specific suppliers (i.e. planner, venue, photographer, florist) to keep on track; this is something I do with all my full planning clients.

Bride is carried by her groom in a piggyback, through a green field
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Tip 2 - Talk about priorities

We live in the wonderful web-age where you can find endless beautiful imagery and inspiration online, but it's easy to get carried away! Before you create that epic Pinterest mood board, take time to discuss what your priorities for the wedding are. What is the main memory / feeling you want to take away from the big day?

Are you both massive foodies? Do you want the day to be family-focussed? Is music your passion? Asking these questions will enable you create a list of must-haves (and must-not-haves) which will help you prioritise which area(s) should have more of that all important budget allocated to it.

Bride and groom walk through confetti smiling
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Tip 3 - Remember it's your day to enjoy

Try not to get too wrapped up in the nitty gritty details at the start; remember that planning your wedding should be fun! At the end of the day, you should design your wedding to be something that you can look back on with joy, so make sure to include elements in your day that are just for you. It's not all about your guests - you're allowed to be a bit selfish for your wedding day!

If you want to pick and choose traditions to include throughout the day, go for it! If you want an unconventional wedding meal, have it! Not up for a standard ceremony structure, do it your way with a celebrant! The magic of a wedding day comes from the personal touches that represent YOU, the couple everyone has gathered to celebrate, so don't be afraid to be yourselves.

I hope that has given you a few places to start planning from!


Need more? Then please get in touch or feel free to browse my services list here - I’d be happy to help you with any elements of your wedding planning.


Further reading: there are plenty of planning guides online to help get you started and map out what needs doing - have a look at this great guide from Wed2Be for an example breakdown.


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