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German wedding traditions

These German traditions are just too whimsical not to share.


German wedding traditions start for women at an early age. When a girl is born, German tradition states that trees be planted in her honour. When she is grown up and has a date for her wedding set, these trees are to be cut down and sold to raise money as part of her dowry.

Family and friends of the couple traditionally print a newspaper full of articles and photos of the couple, copies of which are sold on the wedding day and any funds go towards the couple’s honeymoon. How thoughtful is that?


For the actual ceremony, German weddings can last for three days with multiple elements. Firstly, the couple must have a civil ceremony with only family and close friends. Then, the following day, the couple has their wedding reception, with guests of family members, friends, neighbours, and even just acquaintances.

German Traditions Wedding Planner Cotswolds

Guests bring old plates to smash at the reception to bring the couple good luck, after which the newlyweds sweep up the broken pieces together to symbolise that nothing will ever be broken between them again. So sweet, but also interesting to create a task to do on your special day!

Finally, the religious wedding ceremony occurs. As the couple goes to leave, they

are expected to throw coins to awaiting children. A second reception takes places after this, which traditionally involves the bride being ‘stolen’ by the best man and taken to a nearby pub. Here the two drink champagne and wait for the groom to track them down – once he has, he must pay for their drinks! What a fun idea!

Lastly, at the end of the evening when the bride and groom start to leave the reception, their friends block the doors with ribbons to prevent them leaving. Only once the groom has paid a toll (often in the form of promising another party), can the newlyweds set off for their honeymoon.

Log Sawing (Baumstamm Sägen)

If all of that fun wasn’t enough, another tradition that may be observed is the log sawing event, representing the first obstacle the couple must overcome together (by sawing it in half).

Phew! I think traditional German weddings sound like a hoot… Anyone want to send me an invite?


This article was written by Dheyna at Smitten Weddings. If you would like to get in touch about my wedding planning services or find out more about me, then please visit my website.



· Hochzeit Selber Planen (Wedding Planning Yourself). Wedding Game - sawing logs:


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