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Venue coordinators vs planners

I hear the question “why do couples need a wedding planner/coordinator when the venue has that covered?” often… from both couples and other vendors. I have worked in venues before and although venue coordinators (sometimes also called wedding coordinators) are amazing at what they do, really they are, they are not the same as stand-alone wedding planners/coordinators.

Venue coordinators know their venue like the back of their hand. They know the logistics that work best, the equipment they can offer you, and how to give you the most out of their venue. They will even be there on the wedding day to make sure the venue is in tip-top condition. All of this is wonderful and much needed… but it’s not everything you need on your big day.

Venue-based wedding coordinators don’t give you a personal, bespoke service – you can be passed around various team members throughout the planning process. They also don’t keep track of your other suppliers – if the cake is missing or your flowers are late on the day, that’s technically none of their concern! If you have a fabulous venue, they will obviously try to help you out with these hiccups, but this is why you should have a wedding planner/coordinator.

Wedding planners are with you throughout your entire wedding day, keeping track of every element of it, and handling any issues that crop up. Wedding planners liaise with all your suppliers and ensure you can relax during your special moment without worrying about a thing. Our focus is YOU. Not the venue.

I hope this has helped you get a better picture of what venues can offer you, and what a wedding planner is really for. My advice: make sure you have enough support on the big day to have the stress-free wedding you deserve!


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