Perfect Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

A guest blog by Sophia Young Content Studio.

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” And that’s exactly what girlfriends, who have said yes to being bridesmaids at your wedding, have committed to do for you. Their job is a huge responsibility. It starts long before the wedding day and will continue until the very end of the affair when they ensure that all your wedding gifts are safely put away (after which they revert to purely loyal and loving girlfriend mode). What better way to say “Thank you” than through thoughtfully chosen bridesmaids' gifts!

Yet, with so many choices out there, selecting the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids can be challenging. Also, choosing gifts for your girls can be quite tricky, as each has a different personality, and you want to please every single one of them. Fortunately, the etiquette on giving bridesmaids gifts gives you the option of choosing between giving everyone the same gift or making each one’s present unique to them. Here are a few great suggestions so you can score the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids.

Exquisite Jewellery

Who wouldn’t like some awesome jewellery gift? Your girlfriends are no exception. Jewellery is one keepsake that women just love. What’s great about it is that, as precious as jewellery is, it can be very versatile. You can opt for a simple, classic design that your bridesmaids can wear every day or choose a more intricate piece for formal occasions. There are many fine jewellers, like Ensō - Los Angeles, who offer a variety of exquisite designs. Their Pearl Orbit Ring, for instance, is a beautifully hand-made pearl ring with diamonds and a sophisticated and exclusive orbit design.

Makeup and Beauty Treats

There is hardly a woman who will not appreciate receiving makeup/beauty products as tokens of gratitude. Anything that can make a woman look more fabulous and feel even more special will surely be appreciated. One of the good things about choosing makeup and beauty products as bridesmaids’ gifts is that you usually know which products your girlfriends use, as well as which ones they are aching to have in their makeup kit. From the latest long-lasting lipstick collections to hair bonding oil that repairs your crowning glory without weighing it down, the beauty market will spoil you with choices.

Eco Gifts

How about giving a present that shows you not only love your bridesmaids but also show that you care for the environment? Gifts for self-care that are also sustainable products will be something that your bridesmaids, as well as Mother Nature, will be happy about. From silk and linen bed sheets and pillow covers made from sustainable fibres to invigorating organic essential oils and indulgent zero-waste candles made with renewable vegan coconut wax, you can have your pick of the best environmentally-friendly products. What’s more, if you choose this present for your eco-conscious bridesmaids, it will be a sweet gesture that says you also care for the causes that are important to them.

Bespoke Items

Did you know that there’s a difference between bespoke objects and personalized articles? When something is described as having a bespoke design, this means that the artist created it from scratch, from a blank drawing board. On the other hand, designers of customized or personalized items innovate from existing designs and tailor-fit them to meet the clients' specifications. Although bespoke and custom objects differ in the creation process, both are equally crafted with care and precision to delight the recipient.

Some examples of bespoke gift items are commissioned paintings, painstakingly drawn calligraphy, and hand-sewn rugs. One bespoke present that your bridesmaids will most likely swoon over is bespoke jewellery, one-of-a-kind pieces designed to captivate their hearts.

Personalized Pieces

Speaking of personalized objects, you can, of course, choose to give customized gifts, the designs of which have been tweaked from existing templates. This can be convenient because all you have to do is go over the catalogs of fine jewelers and pick out the design that you’d like to tweak to your own desires. Reputable shops can offer you personalized trinkets or custom jewelry, such as Ensō - Los Angeles, which has a great atelier known for its strong craftsmanship.

Electronic Gift Cards

Electronic gift cards are growing in popularity as a coveted gift of choice. The beauty of this gift is that it can do away with unwanted surprises. It can be quite a practical gift, as the recipients can have the freedom to choose what they will get for the card. There is no chance of giving something your bridesmaids already have or no longer want. An electronic gift card also allows the recipients to save the gift for later when they really want or need it.

Parting Thoughts

Your bridesmaids are important to you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have chosen them to play a special role in the most important event of your life—your wedding day. Give careful thought to these gift suggestions, and let them know they are indeed precious to you.


Thank you to Sophia Young for her article, contributing to the resources available on Smitten Weddings' blog!